About Us.

SohoTask is a global working center which offers Part-Time Jobs.

Welcome to future life
SohoTask defines new working and living style!
From now on, you do not need to go to your office and waste time and money on the road any more.
SohoTask offers part-time jobs which allow you work at anywhere and anytime.
You can plan your travel now, because you never need to balance work and travel again. During the travel time, you can also earn money via SohoTask.
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How does it work

Apply Job and Sign Contract -> Record Work and Submit -> Employer Pay to you


Download SohoTask APP and get connection with the employers.(Currently we only support Android mobile phones and will relase iphone app later.)

Real Support SOHO!
Most jobs posted on SohoTask are trully support work at home or anywhere else.
Easy Pay
We calculate your income only by your working duration, nothing more. Its pretty easy.
Secure and Reliable
SohoTask provides pay guarantee to make sure every employee will get his/her pay in time.
Get a new way for starting up your business! - SohoTask

SohoTask is a global working center and we provide part-time jobs to sohoers. Sohoer can work at anywhere and anytime to earn money by our platform. SohoTask guarantee every transaction for safe.

Search Jobs
Search part-time jobs.
Directly communicate with the employer online.
Sign Online
Employer and employee sign the work contract online.
Online Work
Use SohoTask tools to work online and submit work result online.
Online Pay
Employer direct pay the salary via the Internet.
Secure and Reliable
Auth employer and employee's identity and make sure the transaction's safety.
Employee comments

SohoTask is easy and reliable! Now I can work at home and share more time with my kids. SohoTask really resolve big problem for me and my family, thank you sohotask.

- Jesscia, Admin Consultant -

With sohotask, I finally can travel to the place I want. Meanwhile, I earn quite a lot money here and hope to be five star sohoer someday.

- Li, Jian , Programmer -

I lived in Yanjiao and used to work at Beijing. But it is really a long trip and I took almost 3 hours each day on the road before using SohoTask. Now, I worked at home and can pay more attention to my families. We all love Soho!

- Shen, Jiacheng , Programmer -

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